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The frou-frou of the lehnga/saree, the clinking of the bangles, the rustle of the sherwanis blend with the warmth of the fire, the laughter of friends and the blessings of parents as the couple embarks on a journey of a lifetime amid bright colours and ritualistic resplendence that celebrate one of the most unforgettable days of one's life. With increasing yearning for larger-than-life adventures, wedding films, too, are making it to the wedding shopping cart as they create, capture and craft the beautiful moments throughout a wedding that you can cherish for years to come.

We are The Wedding Talkies (henceforth referred to as TWT) who film, edit and stitch together wedding films that tells the story of your day spontaneously, albeit with the touch of splendor it rightfully deserves.  As most wedding days pass by too fast amid a rush of rituals and attending to guests, investing in a wedding film allows you to relive that glorious and joyful day again and again, for you and your families, for years to come.

Our process of filming is unobtrusive and we do not interrupt your carefully planned flow of events in any way, quietly capturing your day as it unfolds so our films tend to be spontaneous, relaxed and filled with candid moments otherwise overlooked by you because we take special care to capture everything from the tiny details to the highly emotional moments.

You can trust The Wedding Talkies to weave the tale of your togetherness by captivating the moments, the people, the colours, sights and sounds of a wedding and most importantly, love, as it happens to deliver a timeless wedding film made especially for you.

Because TWT believes…memories are forever.

Marriage Vows

Presenting to you a few of the wedding films (and trailers) created by The Wedding Talkies that you can click to play.


P.C. Chandra Gardens, Kolkata


ITC Sonar, Kolkata


Calcutta Cricket & Football Club (CC & FC), Kolkata


Ranchi and Vizag

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What, essentially, is a wedding film by TWT?
A TWT wedding film essentially captures the biggest moments of your life, weaving through them the magic of cinema, and treats each moment with the care they deserve so you can relive them again and again.

How does TWT work on the wedding film?
We, at TWT, go through the shooting process in an impromptu manner, that is, without prior scripting or rehearsing of any kind. We also try to carry out the shooting in as unnoticeable a manner as possible to bring out the best candid moments of the occasion.
How long are the TWT wedding films?
The TWT wedding films can range from 20 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes in length as they are the cinematic representations of the kind of weddings they were. Hence you can trust us to create a wedding film with your cherished moments that tells your story in the most beautiful manner possible.

How much does a TWT wedding film cost?
Film-making is an expensive realm and a typical TWT wedding film package starts somewhere around 4-5 lacs. We take the uniqueness of your wedding in careful consideration while drawing up the budget. So whether capturing the easygoing grace of an intimate gathering or the grandeur and pomp of a destination wedding, we, at TWT, ensure that we deliver the best while customizing the budget accordingly.
How big is the TWT crew?

The TWT crew members can range from five to twenty in number and are usually tailor-made to fit the needs of the wedding film so that we never compromise on the quality of the production.
Can we hire other photographers and/or videographers along with TWT?
As stated earlier, we prefer to shoot in a low-key manner; thus too many cameras and lights all over the venue might make it difficult for us and cause hindrance in our work.
Does TWT work only on still photography assignments?
No, we do not work only on still photography assignments.

How long does it take for TWT to deliver a wedding film?
We deliver the trailer within 10 days of the shoot. The wedding film can take a minimum of 2 months if you are available to provide the suggestions on the film while watching the rough cut with us.
Does TWT work only on video assignments?
Yes, we strive to deliver the best kind of wedding films that tell your tales in a memorable way.

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